Oppose Alfreton Road Incinerator

Help us STOP the incinerator

SUCCESS! We have succeeded in stopping the incinerator, BUT …

MONEY STILL NEEDED to pay for legal costs to reach the campaign’s conclusion

Total raised for campaign £17669


Donate - We still need your help

SUCCESS! No incinerator, but we now need to raise a final £10000

We kindly thank the Darley Abbey Society  for pledging £1000 at last night’s meeting (12 Sept), and Peter Steer for pledging a further £250 from Derby Heart. David Ling Chair of DAS said; “Although we have won this battle, the Darley Abbey Society will continue to monitor all undesirable Planning Applications affecting the village and local area. People can help us by joining the society – the more members we have the greater our influence on fighting local causes” See more at http://www.darleyabbey.com

Anything you can give please do so by payment methods shown below.


WINE EVENT TICKETS can be paid for by our BACs account also and please email your name and phone number and number of tickets to: and your tickets will be on the door on the event night.

PLEASE DONATE NOW click here – give what you can and help us stop this 

Hundreds of people and many Derby businesses have so far contributed towards reaching the first fundraising target. We are hugely grateful for all the support this far – please continue to help us, Thank you!

This site will affect Darley Abbey, Breadsall, Chester Green, Allestree, Strutts Park, Oakwood , Chaddesden and Little Eaton – as well as the tens of thousands of people who live, work, or attend the many schools, sports and social clubs in these areas of north Derby.

There are a number of ways you can donate Fund raising is being administered by the Darley Abbey Society When the case reaches a conclusion, any surplus will be given to local charities.

By doing a BACS transfer to our Bank Account


Sort Code 40-19-15

Account No 64474384

Please use your bank's web site to make a transfer.

  Our Gofundme page gfm logo single 20162x
    Or by sending a cheque to our treasurer

Helen McCoy

57 South Avenue
Darley Abbey
DE22 1FB

Please make cheques payable to Darley Abbey Society

and indicate is for the Oppose Alfreton Road Incinerator campaign

Other ways you can help:

PETITION: we are going around the local area with a petition, to show Government the sheer level of concern about this development. Please support us and sign up when we you see us! The petition will be in local spots including Darley Park café, but if you want to specifically sign it soon, contact us on and we’ll get it to you. And if you are part of any groups where you think people would sign the petition and add to our numbers please let us know and we’ll bring it to your next meeting!

LOBBY YOUR MP: you can write to your local MP and councillors at any point and lobby them about this development. Details of your local MP can be found here: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

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