Oppose Alfreton Road Incinerator

Help us STOP the incinerator

SUCCESS! We have succeeded in stopping the incinerator, BUT …

MONEY STILL NEEDED to pay for legal costs to reach the campaign’s conclusion

Total raised for campaign £17669



Update & call to action

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A packed meeting at Darley Abbey Village hall earlier this month showed the number of people concerned about this development. We now urgently need your help!

We now have heard back from the specialist legal team who are looking in to our case and we are applying for Judicial Review. If we are going to stop this, we MUST lodge our legal challenge by 1st December 2017.

We need to raise £6000 to be able to lodge the application to take this to Judicial Review. We have no time to delay and we need to pay our specialist legal team to prepare the application immediately.

Please help us now by donating, which you can do in several ways:

https://www.gofundme.com/oppose-the-alfreton-rd-incinerator  (thank you for those who recently donated)
by cheque paid to 'Darley Abbey Society', writing 'incinerator fund' on the reverse and posting to Helen McCoy, DAS Treasurer, to 57 South Avenue, Darley Abbey, DE22 1FB
or via direct transfer to the following details - Bank HSBC, Sort Code 40-19-15, Account No 64474384

If all of the residents in the locality donated just £30 each, we could easily raise this fund in the short time frame we have.

We will also be starting a mass fundraising push between next week and 1st Dec to encourage people living and working in all the areas affected to donate, so we can raise the first £6000. We have LESS THAN 2 WEEKS TO RAISE THIS MONEY (We will need ongoing funds of up to an additional £10,000 if we get past this first stage)

PLEASE - if you can help with fundraising and flyering - especially in areas of Breadsall, Chester Green and parts of Allestree, contact the main email which is and we will add you to the list. We only have until Dec 1st to raise these essential first funds!

Businesses - please pass this on to local businesses you think may support us. If just ten businesses gave £200 each, that's already £2000 raised!

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The money shown on the Go Fund Me page is still being used to pay the experts who have helped us so far, but we are now raising a new amount for the next steps. Thank you to all who donated then, now and in the near future!

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