Oppose Alfreton Road Incinerator

Help us STOP the incinerator

SUCCESS! We have succeeded in stopping the incinerator, BUT …

MONEY STILL NEEDED to pay for legal costs to reach the campaign’s conclusion

Total raised for campaign £17669


Fundraising is going well...but still £2k to go!

We're over halfway to our first fundraising goal...
but we still need to raise almost £3000 in just ONE WEEK

Since fundraising began in April, we have raised almost £3300 through the support of local people - a huge thanks to all who have been able to donate so far.
With just one week to go, we now need to raise another £3000 before 1st December, to be able to reach our primary target of £6000 - the initial sum needed for us to take this to Judicial Review. 

Please visit our website - http://oari.org.uk/ - for ways to donate and send the link to your friends and family! If just 150 more people over the next week each donated £20, we can reach this goal!

We will eventually need to raise £15,000 to fight this; but we need the £6000 towards Judicial Review urgently by next Friday, December 1st.

SIGNS - we will be looking to create signs for people to display in their gardens / windows to support the campaign. More on how to order your sign coming soon.

A big thank you for your ongoing support and spreading the word

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Help us raise funds

We need funds to fight this application, please contribute by going to

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The money shown on the Go Fund Me page is still being used to pay the experts who have helped us so far, but we are now raising a new amount for the next steps. Thank you to all who donated then, now and in the near future!

Documents relating to the campaign.