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SUCCESS! We have succeeded in stopping the incinerator, BUT …

MONEY STILL NEEDED to pay for legal costs to reach the campaign’s conclusion

Total raised for campaign £17669


Why do we want to stop this?

This is a completely inappropriate site for a test waste incinerator on a number of levels:

  1. HEALTH & SAFETY – It is proposed to trial run the incinerator for 12 months for 100 hours per week, shutting down at weekends. The waste material, Solid Recovered Fuel, (which was improperly defined in all the documents submitted for the planning application bar one), will be burnt in the incinerator at temperatures up to 1,500°C. The gases generated will leave the incinerator at 1,000°C or higher and the waste material being burnt will be consumed in under two seconds. This requires exemption from the Industrial Emissions Directive which limits the gas temperature to 850°C and a two second residence (combustion) time. The gases then have to be cooled to 200°C and cleaned before emission from the 20m high chimney stack. In these processes from the incinerator to the top of the chimney there are very real risks of explosion and fire.
    The company behind the project, Envirofusion, itself admits that although there is a low probability of explosion and fire that could lead to undue emissions of dangerous gases and fumes, the consequences and magnitude of such events are rated as high.
    The operation of the incinerator is being considered further by the Health and Safety Executive and the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service.
  2. EMISSIONS & POLLUTANTS - We strongly believe that there are health risks associated with the burning of materials in this manner. The technology has never before been tested therefore there is no reassurance that this site will not be pumping out noxious fumes to all who live and work in the area. Noise pollution from heavy vehicles constantly toing and froing to drop off the waste will be a daily nuisance, as well as a constant noise from the plant itself.
  3. HERITAGE – this development is on the boundary of the Derwent Valley Mills, a World Heritage Site granted by UNESCO. Derby is extremely lucky to have a World Heritage asset, yet heritage experts agree that harm will be caused to this World Heritage Site by this development – a site chosen by UNESCO as one of the most significant heritage sites in the U.K
  4. WASTE – additional incinerators discourage us from reducing waste and recycling follow Ellen McArthur's "circular design" by replacing the old "take-make-dispose" approach with the "radical-restorative-regenerative" one.

OARI is not against technical advances but an unproven, experimental incinerator surrounded on all sides by residential areas is definitely in the wrong place.



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The money shown on the Go Fund Me page is still being used to pay the experts who have helped us so far, but we are now raising a new amount for the next steps. Thank you to all who donated then, now and in the near future!

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